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Association / Foundation

You are managing a not-for-profit entity, such as an association, a foundation, a French institution abroad, a cultural organisation, etc.
Banque Transatlantique offers you its expertise to help manage your accounts and financial assets in compliance with the regulatory requirements applicable to your legal status.

Efficiently viewing and managing your accounts

We provide you with a comprehensive and powerful internet service to support your daily banking needs. With Filbanque, you can view your accounts and carry out your transactions in complete security.

Managing your treasury

Security, accessibility and profitability are the fundamental criteria for your investment choices. Banque Transatlantique can define a tailor-made strategy for efficiently investing your cash surpluses.

Delegating the management of your financial assets

In addition to short-term cash-management, you wish to grow your assets with a longer investment horizon.

We offer an investment solution that allows you to select the level of security or growth that you desire : a Discretionary Portfolio Management.

Financing your cash flow and investment needs

Grant payment advances, traditional loans or leasing... You can benefit from flexible and advantageous offers to address a cash management issue or an investment project.

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