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Legal notices

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Legal notices

Banque Transatlantique’s commitments

Banque Transatlantique’s website meets legal requirements. It respects visitor privacy and has a user license.

Data Protection with online banking services

Banque Transatlantique is fully committed to earning your trust and applies the provisions of Act no. 78-17 of January 6, 1978 on “information technology, data files and civil liberties” ( the ethical principles it defines concerning the use of the personal data you share with us when browsing our website

  • General principles
    We treat your personal information (name, address, telephone number, email address) and all other data provided or generated in browsing our website as confidential. In compliance with legal requirements, we store this data under conditions of enhanced security and for the time necessary to fulfil the purpose of collection or further processing only. This data can only be accessed by our staff and that of our subsidiaries, and is only used for the purpose for which you communicate it : to provide you with the information you might have requested when filling out questionnaires or appraisal forms or for sending emails.
    Some data requested in the forms is obligatory in nature, as signalled by an asterisk. If you choose not to communicate this information, your request cannot be processed.
  • Your personal data will not be shared with third parties
    The data collected on our website is used or shared with companies that are not members or subsidiaries of CIC and Crédit Mutuel for management purposes or to comply with legal and regulatory requirements only. In no case is this data disclosed or sold to third parties
  • Exercising your right to access
    All information, and especially a copy of personal data collected or generated previously, during or following the present session, will be communicated to individuals choosing to exercise their right to access. You can exercise your right to access and amend your information as defined in Act no. 78-17 of January 6, 1978 on information technology, data files and civil liberties by writing to the Banque Transatlantique legal department, 26 avenue Franklin Roosevelt, 75372 Paris cedex 08, France
  • No fraudulent collection of personal data
    Our server is neither intended nor configured to collect personal data from visitors of the Banque Transatlantique website other than the source of the connection (access provider), IP address, browser and version.
    Under no circumstances do we collect visitors’ email addresses without their deliberate intention.
    Traffic data is collected for two reasons to secure the banking transactions that you choose to carry out, and to allow us to implement in-house analyses of visits to our information pages in order to improve their content.
    This information is stored for no more than one year. Transaction-related data is stored by name. However, data concerning visitor navigation is not. These are statistics enabling to identify the most and least popular pages, preferred pathways, levels of activity by day of the week and by time of day, and the primary client or server errors.
  • Marketing emails
    Your email address may be used to introduce offers or new features of the website. When collecting your email address and sending our messages, we are committing ourselves to comply with the French law on trust in the digital economy (LCEN), and in particular to:
    • collecting your personal data in an honest manner, by verifying your consent at the time of enrolment
    • including a link in every email giving you the opportunity to unsubscribe
    • consistently naming Banque Transatlantique as the issuer.


Banque Transatlantique
Public limited company with capital of 29 371 680 €
Headquarters: 26, avenue Franklin D. Roosevelt - 75008 Paris - France
Registered with the Paris registry of companies (RCS) 302 695 937
Mailing address: 75372 Paris Cedex 08
VAT number: FR34542016381
Phone: + 33 (0)1 56 88 77 77 - Fax: + 33 (0)1 42 25 33 33
Bank governed by articles L.511-1 and following of the French Monetary and Financial Code.
Swift code: CMCIFRPP
For transactions carried out in its capacity as an insurance intermediary ORIAS 07.025.540 (
Responsible editor Philippe-Jean Péron, director of development and wealth engineering


Simplified corporation
Headquarters: 34, rue du Wacken - 67000 Strasbourg - France
Registered with the Strasbourg registry of companies (RCS) B 312 730 674
Phone: +33 (0)3 88 14 88 14


In the present context, Banque Transatlantique marketing banking products online at is designated hereafter without further specification “Banque Transatlantique”.

Banque Transatlantique disclaims all responsibility with respect to the content of these pages and any use hereof. Banque Transatlantique shall not be held responsible in any way should the documents and related graphic elements published on this server include any technical or typographical errors, or for modifications that are periodically made to the information on this server. In addition, access to certain products and services may be restricted for contractual reasons.


The texts and graphic elements, their presentation and layout on this website are the property of Banque Transatlantique. They are creative works protected as such by the laws of countries around the world and by international treaties. All data concerning individuals collected directly by the bank and used on this website are subject to a request for prior authorisation from the individual involved
All logos and personally identifiable information belonging to a third party used on the site, and all articles from the written press published on this site have been subject to prior authorisation (on paper or electronically).

User license

When accessing this website or one of its elements, you accept a license granted by Banque Transatlantique in the manner defined below. Access to the products and services described on the present website may be restricted with regard to certain individuals or in certain countries.

Banque Transatlantique’s products and services are subject to geographical restrictions and will not be provided to a person if the law of his country of origin or any country whose law applies to him forbids it.

Under the terms of this license, only the following rights are granted the right to private, personal and non-transferable use of the content of the website or of one of its features, the right to copy and store for purposes of display on a single-station screen and to produce a single copy for backup or printing; all use of documents from this website in any form whatsoever must mention the source.

Subject to the rights granted above, any representation and/or reproduction, even partial, of the content of this website and/or one of its features is prohibited, and in particular:

  • for marketing and/or distribution purposes, any use of a feature of the website in a networked IT environment using links. It is in particular prohibited to display a page from this website in a frame that does not belong to Banque Transatlantique (“framing”) or to insert an image belonging to Banque Transatlantique (“inline linking”).
  • repeated and systematic extraction of site features, whether protected or not, causing harm of any kind to Banque Transatlantique. This concerns in particular the elements protected under Act no. 98-536 of July 1, 1998 on the legal protection of databases.

However, establishing links to the page with the URL is authorised when all of the following conditions are met:

  • the page appears under this URL,
  • if the links are established from the figurative mark, Banque Transatlantique gives prior authorisation for reproduction and representation for this purpose only,
  • the websites creating links to this URL operate and publish information, images and all other media in compliance with public policy and moral principles, and in general comply with French law. Banque Transatlantique reserves the right to modify these conditions without notice.

Write to the ombudsman

In case of a disagreement, you can write to the ombudsman of your bank at the following address:

Banque Transatlantique Ombudsman
63, chemin Antoine Pardon
69160 Tassin la lune, France


Banque Transatlantique is accredited by the Comité des établissements de crédit et des Entreprises d’Investissement (Credit institutions and investment firms committee) to provide the following investment services:

  • receive and transmit orders on behalf of third parties “Execute orders on behalf of third parties”
  • trade on its own behalf “Portfolio management on behalf of third parties”, “Underwriting”
  • investment advisory services
  • investment

Banque Transatlantique is also authorised to provide the service of custody account keeping.

These accreditations can be viewed on the Banque de France website.

Insurance and services

Contracts have been taken out with:

    Limited liability corporation with capital of €194,535,776.
    Headquarters: 34, rue du Wacken - 67000 Strasbourg - France
    Registered with the Strasbourg registry of companies (RCS) 352 406 748
    VAT number: FR87352406748
    Mailing address: 63 chemin Antoine Pardon - 69814 Tassin cedex - France
    Company governed by the Insurance Code
  • MTRL
    National Mutual Society governed by the Mutual Society Code
    Registered under number: 777 345 067
  • ACM Vie SA
    Limited liability corporation with capital of €577,357,536
    Headquarters : 34, rue du Wacken - 67000 Strasbourg - France
    Registered with the Strasbourg registry of companies (RCS) 332 377 597
    VAT number FR60332377597
    Mailing address: 63 chemin Antoine Pardon - 69814 Tassin cedex - France
    Company governed by the Insurance Code

They are marketed under the brand CIC Assurances by the bank:

  • Banque Transatlantique
    Limited liability corporation with capital of €29,371,680
    Headquarters: 26, avenue Franklin D. Roosevelt - 75008 Paris - France
    Registered with the Paris registry of companies (RCS) 302 695 937
    Orias number: 07.025.540 - (
    Bank governed by articles L.511-1 and following of the Monetary and Financial Code for transactions completed in its capacity as an insurance intermediary.

The services are marketed under the brands:

  • ACM Services
    Limited liability corporation with capital of €7,000,000
    Headquarters: 34, rue de Wacken - 67906 Strasbourg cedex 09 - France
    Strasbourg registry of companies, number 432 710 135
  • Protection Vol et Protection Vol Pro are services of the company EPS
    Simplified corporation with capital of 1 600 000 €
    Headquarters: 30, rue du Doubs - 67100 Strasbourg - France
    RCS: 403946643 - Code APE 746Z
  • Transatlantique Gestion
    Type of company: Limited liability corporation
    Capital: 10 000 000 €
    Headquarters 26 avenue Franklin Roosevelt - 75008 Paris - France
    RCS and registry: Paris B314222076
  • CM-CIC Agence Immobilière
    Type of company: Simplified corporation
    Capital: 780 000 €
    Headquarters: 34, rue du Wacken - 67000 Strasbourg - France
    RCS and registry: Strasbourg B387468382
  • CM-CIC Bail
    Type of company: Limited liability corporation
    Capital: 26 187 000 €
    Headquarters: 12, rue Gaillon - 75002 Paris - France
    RCS and registry: Paris 642017834
  • CM-CIC Securities
    Type of company: Limited liability corporation with a board of directors
    Capital: 19 705 000 €
    Headquarters: 6, avenue de Provence - 75009 Paris - France
    RCS and registry: B467501359

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