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Expanding your financial assets

You need the sharpest expertise to determine the best allocation of your assets, and ensure that the advice and services you receive will meet your expectations in today's evolving environment.

Financial markets

Our specialised portfolio managers select the investment instruments best suited to your objectives in terms of return and your given level of risk acceptance : Money market, Bonds, Stocks.

  • Discretionary portfolio management : delegate your entire portfolio to a financial expert for a personalised management.
  • Advisory asset management : benefit from the advice of our managers while remaining involved in selecting investments and maintaining control over decisions to buy and sell.
  • Execution only : Take investment decisions while still benefiting from our specialists' order execution capabilities.
  • Buy and Hold : know your profitability in advance with a portfolio of products offering a low volatility.
  • Private funds : you have the possibility of investing in customised, private funds or SICAVs (mutual funds) that are available to a limited number of investors.

Investment opportunities in unlisted companies

Other investment opportunities also exist. We can direct you towards solutions that offer a chance of higher return, accompanied however by a greater risk.

  • Private Equity : investment in the equity capital of unlisted companies on a public exchange.
  • Private Debt : investment in the debt of unlisted companies (bond issuance).
  • Mezzanine : Private Debt with an equity compensation feature.

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