The Deposit and Resolution Guarantee Fund

Deposit guarantee

Deposit accounts (current account, savings account, savings book, CEL, PEL, etc.) are covered by the Deposit Guarantee Fund of the FGDR (excluding Livret A, LDDS and LEP, which are guaranteed by the State).

Securities guarantee mechanism

The Deposit and Resolution Guarantee Fund (FGDR) covers securities and other financial instruments (stocks, bonds, unit trusts, mutual funds, etc.) subject to the twin conditions that the securities are "declared unavailable" and that the establishment holding the account cannot restore them.

Bank collateral scheme

Certain regulated professions (real-estate agents, travel agents, lawyers, etc.) contribute to a mandatory collateral scheme to guarantee the funds entrusted to them by their customers. Approved banks and finance companies comply with the Bank Collateral Scheme of the FGDR.