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    Bank accounts

    A package grouping the useful services for an easy management of your daily banking : payment card and international withdrawals, 24-hour internet banking in english, availability of funds, free transactions on your account(s).



    • In France, cheque books are issued free of charge. To obtain your cheque book and bank card, your current account must have a credit balance, either by way of previously transferred funds or by way of a cash deposit on the day you pick up your bank documents. Your country of residence as well as your residence status for tax purposes will determine the type of account that will be opened for you (non-resident or resident account).
    • You may get an overdraft which will be determined by your bank consultant according to your income and expenditure. The interest charges are calculated at the end of the calendar quarter.
    • The current account is the basis for all the other accounts such as savings accounts, investment accounts and insurance accounts.


    • You can have one or many holders of a bank account : i.e. : for married couples, two types of account exist : a separate account or a joint one.
    • Anyone from 12 years old can open a current account (with parent's or guardian's authorisation).
    • Proof of your identity (passport) and proof of your permanent address in France are required (if applicable).

    For further information please refer to our specific pamphlets on savings accounts or 24-hour banking as well as to the general terms and conditions available in English.

    Services available

    You can get services such as cards, 24-hour banking or insurance either by choosing each service individually or by subscribing to a package for which you pay a monthly service fee and which may be cheaper :

    Services included by package
    Contrat Personel Global Contrat Personel Accès Global Contrat Personel Parcours J
    Current account Yes Yes Yes
    Cheque book Yes Yes Yes
    Cards 4S (or Maestro for Parcours J) Yes Yes Yes
    Moneo Bleu Yes No No
    Free banker's draft Yes Yes No
    Bank statements Yes Yes Yes
    Filbanque : 24-hour banking Yes Yes Yes
    Alliance Yes Yes Yes
    Revolving credit card Yes Yes No
    Overdraft3 € 150 to € 500 Yes Yes No
    Overdraft parcours J2 (€ 150 maxi) No No Yes
    No fees for direct debit1 Yes No No
    On line guarantees No Yes No
    Purchase guarantees Yes No No
    PaywebCard No Yes No
    Cheque books and banking cards are sent free of charge No Yes No
    Livret jeune No No Yes
    All transfers in France are free of charge Yes No No
    Stop a direct debit free of charge Yes No No
    Stop a cheque free of charge Yes No No

    CIC Advices

    And more...

    For your children, 6 months offered4 if you subscribe to our basic personal contract Parcours J.

    1 Free set up of a direct debit (except for financial company and for insurance company)

    2 18 year's old, subject to the bank's agreement

    3 Optional subscription for an extended overdraft. Up to € 7 500, subject to the bank's agreement

    4 Beyond this period, refer to conditions in local branch

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