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Banque Transatlantique offers full transparency

You can find more information on the fees and charges for Banque Transatlantique’s banking services below.

Prices applicable from January 1st, 2016

Fees for private clients – January 2016

Fees for corporate clients – January 2016

Standard value dates for transactions

Private clients
Corporate clients

The basic rate

Basic interest rate is 7.40% since October 2013

European Directive on Payment Services(DSP)

All transfer, debit or card payment transactions made in euros or in a European Economic Area currency are subject to this directive and its implementation.

It sets out new requirements for banks : framework for value dates; more restrictive execution deadlines; increased responsibility; various preliminary and contractual information.

This directive was effective on November 1, 2009. A new account agreement integrating these changes is available in our agencies.

Contract performance and complaints

You can address your complaints or concerns regarding the fulfilment of your contracts to your usual representative, by post, email or calling the following number +33 (0)9 69 32 06 06.

The Ombudsman

The role of the Ombudsman is not to substitute for the regular complaint processing system or act as a judge, but to offer an opportunity for an amicable agreement before taking possible legal action. The Ombudsman Service recommends solutions seeking to resolve disputes between the bank and individual clients in the areas determined by the regulations.

The Ombudsman primarily addresses disputes relating to:

  • your account agreement : the functions, fees, closure and transfer of this account
  • the fulfilment by the bank of contracts on loans, savings products, financial services and transactions relating to these services and to aforementioned products (but not the decision itself on whether or not to take out a contract).

Banque Transatlantique Ombudsman
63, chemin Antoine Pardon
69160 Tassin la lune, France

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With the help of legal and tax specialists, your private banker gives you substantial and detailed solutions to ensure the long-term value of your wealth.