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Elaborating your wealth strategy

Your private banker is there to listen to you and guide you through decisions and investment choices. We analyse your family and professional environment to help determine your wealth strategy based on your expectations and goals.

Expanding your financial assets

Based on your goals – performance, yield, diversification, etc. – your private banker chooses the assets, investment tools and management approach that are best suited to your needs.

Optimizing your business assets

Our Corporate Advisory team, specialized in corporate finance, advises you on the developments in relation to your company's shareholding structure.

Diversifying your real estate holdings

With a detailed analysis of your real estate assets, tax situation and goals, your private banker, assisted by our experts in tax and estate planning, can determine your investor profile.

Fulfilling your passions

Do you love boats or the finest cars ? Are there philanthropic causes that you want to endorse ? Your private banker is there to help you achieve the goals that matter the most to you.

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Your private banker

With the help of legal and tax specialists, your private banker gives you substantial and detailed solutions to ensure the long-term value of your wealth.