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In the scope of the European Payment Services Directive 2015/2366 (also known as PSD2), CIC provides API access to qualified Third Party Payment Service Providers for the following purposes:

  • Account and Transaction Information for Account Information Service Providers (AISPs)
  • Checking of Funds Coverage for Card-Based Payment Instrument Issuers (CBPIIs)
  • Payment Initiation for Payment Initiation Service Providers (PISPs)

These APIs are available at, with a sandbox environment at

Recent and upcoming changes

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API Specifications

If you want to dive directly into the APIs, they are documented as OpenAPI Specification (Swagger) files:

  • View OAuth 2 Endpoints Specification
  • Open Banking API Endpoints Specification:
    • View v2.0 Published


      • In the PaymentRequestResource schema, the field that describes the payment request status is now correctly named paymentInformationStatus;
      • In the CreditTransferTransaction schema, the fields transactionStatus and statusReasonInformation are now available;
      • Payment cancellation workflows are now initiated with status CANC and do not require SCA;
      • The API endpoints now conform to STET Specification v1.4.2;
      • The REDIRECT workflow for payment confirmation now conforms to OAuth2 authorization code flow;

API specifications updates and deprecation announcements are also in our updates feed.

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